Hi there! I am Alice, a (fashion) designer focused on sustainability :)

I am open for any type of collaboration, feel free to contact me!


Phipps SS23

1 kg of Textile - part 2

Climate Change Instruction Scarves

The Small Leftovers

Sasha - Unisex Underwear

1 kg of Textile - part 1

Tea Series

Sustainable Chair




Mode (n.f.)

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About me

Design is for me a way to trigger change in society, in a positive way.
I act on finding solutions to raise awareness about climate change
and inequality between human beings. Clothing is my favourite
way of expression because it reflects our identity and conveys our values,
and because the fashion system has to be reinvented. I am very excited
to be part of that transformation.

After studying fashion in Duperré Paris and Design Academy Eindhoven, I am now working as a fashion designer for brands who are making a change in the indusrty.


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